Saturday, February 20, 2010


So I know that I am terrible at keeping up right now, but I have a minute and thought I would sit down and say hello. I am going to try and play catch up this week and next...but we will see how much I get done. I was able to be home today, no overtime for me this week or next, so today has been so much fun! So here are some updated and fun pictures...enjoy :)

Ward Christmas party...yup Sarah was on a pony.

Me and Sarah chillen'...Mica took this fun picture for us and I really like it!!

Sarah and I out in the snow, this was right after I got done shoveling the snow. She loves the snow(Yeah she is my girl)!!

She will just sit right on down in the snow no worries at all!

I was at work when this picture was taken, but she is outside again with Daddy!

I tell you she can't get enough of the snow...she is like me in that way!

Sarah goofing off on the table...she likes to climb up on the side tables and goof around.

This was on the way home from church on Sunday. She wanted to have her sunglasses and so she got them and was just chillen'.

Yup she is rockin'.

On Tuesday's Sarah goes to the babysitter so that she gets time to play with other kids. Well she isn't used to waking up early in the morning anymore. So this certain morning I had turned on the TV so she could watch Sesame Street. Well I set her down and went to get her stuff and she snuggled into her chair and went right back to sleep. She slept most of the time I was getting her changed as well.

Well I hope that is enough for right now, hopefully there will be more time later this week to get some Christmas stuff up for you all to see. Thanks!! Lots of Love!