Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sarah's Birthday

So for Sarah's 2nd Birthday we did a Tinkerbell theme, she just loves Tinkerbell!! Well technically she isn't really even 1 ask why that is, well Sarah was born on February 29th, the one day that comes around every 4 years. So this was really only her half birthday...but she got to celebrate it a couple times this year.
The cake that she picked out of course had Tinkerbell on it, and yes she did pick it out...white cake, chocolate frosting.

Right before I brought the cake out we asked her to sit down on the chair and she started to be all sad and pouting. Everyone was telling her to look at me and as soon as she did look at me she got the biggest smile on her face, it was adorable.

She had to smile at the the camera for everyone.

She got this cool gift from Isabel Flynn and her family, you can see Isa in the background in Sarah's car.

Sarah holding her new present...yup Tinkerbell, she is with Grammy.

She wanted to hold up the paper from the present so we took a picture of that, as you can see in the background of the picture...TinkerBell...yup we watched it twice that day.

Zach and I got her this car for her birthday, she wouldn't get out of it for anything. She would watch TV in the car, and eat in the car if we let her. The first couple of nights we had to tell her we are going to park the car so it can go nighty night. Well that worked so that is all good with me. She loves to play with this car and I am glad that she likes it so much.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunday Naps

Sarah and I have started a new Sunday ritual you could say. We were both taking a nap after church one Sunday. She started to wake up so Zach went and got her and laid her down with me and now it happens most Sundays. But we both end up falling asleep and Zach takes some great pictues of
Nighty night all.

yup we are sound asleep.

We started doing this as well at night to help her relax before bed, so here we are again snuggled up together.

Another Sunday for us...Kisses from my baby girl. I love her!!

So you can imagine how much I look forward to Sunday's now, I hope to get snuggles from Sarah each Sunday. Now it doesn't happen every Sunday but I always hope that we get snuggle time.

A few pictures from Christmas

Well I know this is long past due, but I wanted to get it done before I forgot some more. I am up way to late, but hey I got a 2 hour nap so all is good. here are a few pictures from Christmas.
Zach, Sarah, Me and my niece Abbie at the NTEU Christmas party. We had a lot of fun there.

Sarah on Santa's lap...yup she went right on up there and just smiled at him. She didn't want to stop looking at him, but we did get her to look over and at least got a picture.

Abbie with Santa, she kept on asking him for a diary. So on the way home we stopped at the store and got her one for Christmas.

We didn't get many pictures of Sarah opening gifts, but here are a couple of her just playing with some.

She has the crayons and started coloring all over this new toy...yup not a coloring book.

A tradition of Zach's family is to have breakfast together Christmas morning. So this is his family that came to a wonderful breakfast that yes Zach cooked!! From left to right top row Zach, Me, Melynda, Jeremy; bottom row Drexil, Mom & Sarah, Wesley.

Drexil, Zach, Jeremy, Wesley

My sister Mica was also able to join us for some breakfast on Christmas. This picture is so cute, Jeremy, Zach's brother, was in the background making goofy faces at Sarah and she was just giggling about it, so this picture turned out great!