Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Funny Sleepers

So we tend to sleep funny at our house...well lets say Zach catches us sleeping funny and takes pictures of us, even though I did get a couple of him with Sarah. These pictures range over the past 8-9 months, but as you can see Sarah sleeps in very different ways and all of them are cute!.

I'm not dead I promise!

She often likes to kick me in the bum and I generally don't feel a thing.

She wouldn't fall asleep any other way that night. She had to have Daddy holding her face.

Snuggled up to Daddy.

Snuggled up next to me in the bed.

I woke up to Zach taking this picture of Sarah's foot on my neck...not sure why I didn't wake up sooner with her foot right there???

SSSHHHHH Mom you are snoring toooooooo LOUD!!

The big joke is if we are ever lost and can't find our way, let Sarah fall asleep she always ends up pointing out which way is North.

AWWWW Asleep in her car seat...she had her legs crossed and all.

Sarah & me snoozing away.

Pointing North again??? Goofy Gal!

AWWWW Sarah, Kahlan & me all asleep together. Kahlan was having a hard time sleeping and Sarah wanted me to lay down with her, so we all laid down together and fell asleep.

Sunday afternoon is a favorite for naps!! This is how we fell asleep one Sunday afternoon.

Kahlan sleeping on me after I had gotten done feeding her...yup I was a bit tired!

OH MY! My head hurts from all that crying... ;)

What my binkie fell out...I hadn't noticed!

As you can see we have fun in our sleep....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Grandma Crabtree Funeral Sept. 2010

The family was all able to come to Utah for my Grandma Crabtree's funeral, well minus John & Norman. All the sisters were there in one place, this doesn't happen often as we are all spread across the U.S. currently. It was great spending time with them all. Here are some pictures from the day of the funeral. We all went to visit my Dad's grave as well.

Berdean Hyde Crabtree

Mom is the one on the right, she is sitting with her sisters here.

Cassie & Nicole

I like this picture of David, Carlee, Cambree, & Codee

Sarah kept on getting into the bucket where the ice was at...she loves to chew on ice, not sure where she gets this from as I can't stand it! But Rindee caught her in the act and got a picture.

Rindee & Jennie

Kelley & her daughter with Jennie & Mike

Me, Mom, Zach & Sarah at Dad's grave

The Gibson Girls
Tai, Rindee, Nicole, Vee, Mica, & Jennie

Zach, Mike, Mom, & David

Mica & Abbie

Preggo Gals
Jennie, Mom, & Me

Grand kids
Cassie, Codee, Abbie, Cambree, Carlee, & Sarah

Goofy Kids & Gramma

Gramma & her Grand kids

As you can see we did have some fun!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Well this year for Halloween Sarah wanted to be TinkerBell. She was an adorable TinkerBell, even in the rain. We took these pictures a couple days after Halloween, but she still looks adorable.

She was a great TinkerBell! We all got really wet out in the rain at the trunk-or-treat, but it was well worth all the smiles we got from our TinkerBell.

Yoga Time

Zach has introduced our Sarah to Yoga. While she was staying home with Zach during the days, they would do Yoga together. So I had the WiiFit out it shows the people on the front doing Yoga. She started posing for me and I just had to capture the moment. She is a really excellent Yoga gal.

Maybe I could get Sarah to teach me some Yoga and get me in shape. Yes she really could, I just got to get up the motivation to do the Yoga. Well I guess it is time to get the WiiFit out again and hang out with my Sarah and do some Yoga.

Cooking Time

Sarah loves to help me while I am cooking. So we finally went out and got her a little apron so that she felt like she was a really chef. So we had to get a few pictures of her in the apron. So every time that we make cookies or pancakes she goes and gets her apron so that she can help out.

yummy that cookie batter is gooood...


Helping Mom make pancakes.

This is everything that she got with her reading money she earned over the summer from Gramma. Gramma gives a penny for every page her grand children read over the summer. Now she has her own kitchen items to play with so she isn't trying to use the real stuff.

July 4th

Well July 4Th is always a favorite of ours at our house. Well that is because not only is a favorite holiday, but it is mine & Zach's wedding anniversary. Yes we picked our favorite holiday as our wedding day. It makes everything a bit easier to remember. :) Either way the day is always memorable and gives us lots of fireworks.

AWWWWWW so cute

Sarah and I went to the Layton City parade. We met up with some friends from the ward. I really liked this picture because Sarah is holding the flag.

She was really tired by the time we got to the fireworks, but she really enjoyed them.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Summer Fun

Before we moved into our new place, the mobile home we lived in didn't have the best air conditioning AT ALL! So by the time it came time to eat we were all burning up and it often felt nicer outside in the shade. So we had a lot of PicNic's on the blanket. But we had fun doing that :)

Ketchup on her face as usual.

Mommy & Sarah being goofy... :)

At the Stake Swim night at Roy Aquaitic Center. Sarah made me go down the big slide with her twice. She loved that place hopefully we can hang out there again.

We went to the Ward Campout for a little bit. Well all the kids found the horse shoe area quite entertaining with all the dirt. So this is what happens...we had a shower as soon as we got home.

Yup look at those dirty toes... :)