Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another New Day


Oh my I am so glad that this weekend is done and over with. The NTEU "re-election" is over and done with and that is a relief. It was a bit stressful and I didn't really enjoy it and I am hoping that we will never have to do that ever again! So now on to more exciting things like HALLOWEEN! I am so excited that it is going to be this week. It is Sarah's first one and thank you Rindee for the very cute costume. I just need to figure out where the trunk or treat is that we have been told about at church and we should have a blast. I was able to get the whole day off. I remember when we would go to Peachtree and see Grandpa Gibson and everyone there. I still have the picture of Grandpa's last Halloween somewhere. It was on my phone for the longest time, but I have saved it somewhere and can't find it at the present moment. However, I am hoping to get by to see Grandma Crabtree, I know that will be fun. Well that is all for tonight I am getting a bit tired. So nighty night!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Well things have been a little interesting with work things. I have been doing some new things around the IRS. I am doing some new jobs with the Union and that has been a learning experience which has been interesting. But with the things that are going on in the office and with the Union "re-election" I have been a little bit overwhelmed. Today we had General Membership and I felt really uncomfortable being there. I felt like I was being torn in two by the two sides that have been opposing sides. It was difficult because I have friends who are on both sides and I feel like they are each looking at me thinking am I siding with the other side. It was causing me anxiety and I even had an anxiety attack and it wasn't pleasant. But I got through the meeting without too much trauma. Next Saturday isn't going to much fun either, next week we have to count the ballots for the Union "re-election". I am hoping that it won't be as tense as it was today. But who knows, I guess I will just have to wait and see. But until that time I am going to try and not worry about that until next Saturday.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Little Girl

Here are a few pictures of Sarah in the last month...She is growing really fast and we are enjoying every minute of the time we have with her. I am a little proud of her I just love watching her learn and grow each day.

Sarah ready for church and waiting for Mommy and Daddy to get going...but as always has a smile on her face.

Smile for the camera :)

My new toy that Mommy's friend gave to me...I love to bounce up and down in this thing. I get so excited to play in here...WAHOO...everyone hang on I am out of control.

Mommy let me get a hold of my dinner and well you can see that I am having so much fun playing and eating it. Well I think some got in her mouth, she was playing with it more than anything. She really liked the texture of the food, so she kept on squishing it in her hands. She got so upset when I took the spoon away from her and started crying.

I wanted to show off and do it one handed...Well I am trying to get up on my knees for the most part. Every time I try to go from sitting to crawling though I tend to do a face plant. But Mommy and Daddy helped me on my knees this time so that I could play like this.

She has a tooth that is starting to break through and she has been a little crabby today. She has been giving Daddy kisses for the past couple of days and today she finally would give Mommy one. We are so blessed to have her in our lives. She has changed us for the better and I am so excited to see her grow up. Loves and kisses baby girl.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sarah with her Grandma's

Sarah was so happy to get to hang out with Grammy Forkner. In the other photo's we got with Grammy she was either pulling on her hair or trying to snag her glasses, that is why this photo is without the glasses. We got her to look over at the camera instead of trying to grab Grammy's glasses. We also got to hang out with Uncle Drexil and Uncle Wesley, they were kind of scared to hold Sarah, but once they got her they enjoyed having her. We are so glad that they are so close, we love them so much!
Sarah with Grandma Gibson. We couldn't get Sarah to look over at us, she was wanting to play with her cousins at the condo. We were up in McCall Idaho with all of the family. Sarah had a lot of fun, she couldn't get enough of her cousin Cambree. But I think Grandma spoiled her the most and that is just fine. We like grandma's!

Thank you to both of you for the wonderful people you are! We do love you so much and appreciate all that you do for us! I don't know what we would do without either of you. Love you both!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New stuff

Well we are joining the bloggers of the world. I am going to try and keep up as much as possible. However, with everything that I have going on who knows how often I will get to post. Right now Sarah is in bed and crashed pretty early tonight, she was really tired she really didn't get a good nap today. We have had a busy weekend and so I don't blame her for crashing I am ready to do the same thing. My mom brought over the blessing dress for Sarah last night and it's absolutely beautiful. She looks so cute in it, I can't wait to get her pictures taken with her in it. I just need to find something to go in her hair! Okay well I am going to go for the night, but hopefully I will be back soon :).