Friday, January 23, 2009

Toe Truck

So this is a classic Tai thing to do...I fell down! Well I was picking up Sarah from the babysitters house and on my way out I slipped on ice on the last stair and went splat...It was so eventful, Sarah just looked at me like what just happened Mom?? Well when I fell I somehow busted up my big toe...yup once again Tai has either broken something or needs stitches. We are not sure if it is broken or just bruised really good, but it sure does feel broken and it is still swollen. But I didn't really want to go to the Instacare just to have them tell me that it was and to elevate it and put ice on it. So since I was headed to go see my sister Jennie who had just flown in from Virgina, I just got up and went on my way. My toe was bleeding all over the place and I could feel that other places were bruised up as well. I guess I grabbed Sarah's arm when I fell because she ended up with a bruise on her arm :(.

Well when I got to Mica's house we had a real good time laughing about it. The first thing Jennie said when she arrived was do you need a "Toe Truck"? Yeah it was quite funny for all of us. We did have a great time with Jennie and I am glad that we got to hang out with her. Sarah was shy with her at first, but by the time we got back from lunch she didn't want to take a nap she wanted to play with Aunt Jennie. That was really cute, of course Jennie has that kind of effect on all her nieces and nephews I think. Well I am limping around for the next few days and that should be really fun. WAHOO!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Fun

Well these are a bunch of pictures from Christmas. We had our frist Christmas with Sarah and it was a blast. She really like the paper and boxes. She couldn't get enough of them. We kept on having to hide them so that she would try and get to the next present. However, it was a blast and we really had a great time. I had to work on Christmas Eve so we just stayed home and relaxed most of the night. We did venture out and went to see the lights at the Layton Park. We bundled Sarah up and got the stroller out and only lasted but a short time. It was way to cold to stay out there. The rest of the weekend we stayed in and enjoyed each other. It was kind of strange not going to any family parties, but it was also nice to enjoy each other and not worry about rushing around. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and will have a Happy New Year! Loves!!!