Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Glasses

Zach has recently gotten new glasses...I personally think he looks really good in these new glasses. However, he begs to differ most days. But I guess my vote wins because I am the one that looks at him the most. Well here are a couple pictures of him with his new glasses.

See I think you will agree...he looks pretty good in his new glasses!!!

A bit BEHIND!!

Okay so I have been a bit busy this month, so I haven't even been able to sign onto my blog at all!!! I feel a bit overwhelmed at the present moment with everything that has been happening as well as what is on my brain. So there won't be much to say tonight, but I wanted to post the latest and greatest of our little Sarah who is growing up to be not so little anymore.

Sarah was trying to save her baby at the same time, she wasn't sure if she wanted to.

But in the end she saved the baby.

Sarah with Zach's new glasses...she is fascinated by the glasses.

I know I can fit into this box...I know I can...I know I can...YUP YUP I sure can.

Shortly after this she fell backwards out of the box :)

I got this hat while on my mission in DETROIT from an investigator...Yeah it is a fun hat and I like to wear it when I am being goofy. But Sarah found it and she has enjoyed it ever since that time.

Here she is in the darn baby doll stroller...she thinks that it actually her stroller. Gotta LOVE kids!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mom's Mission Call

Well my Mom got her latest mission call this Thursday. It was very exciting, my sister Rindee text me about 11:30 am and said we have a mission call we are going to be opening at 8:00 pm. Do you know how long of a wait that was...oh my heck I had the hardest time making it through the day. But when my Mom called and said okay call back in 5 minutes....oh that was bad. Now if you know my family there are 5 girls and we all live somewhere different. So I had my sister Mica conferenced in when I called my Mom back. Then everyone else was on speaker and she opened the envelope...mmmmm...Where is she going??? Well she is going to the Los Angeles California Family History Support Center. She is to report to the MTC on September 21st. Yes this is only a week away and it was a shocker, so she has been rushing around trying to get everything ready to go.
However, she was in Utah this weekend so she called me this morning and asked if she could come to church with us. I was really excited because it will be the last time I see her for some time, well except next weekend that is, but she took the time to do that and it made me really happy and made me feel really special today. I love my Mom and am grateful that I have her!! Congrats Mom!!!

Me, Sarah, Mom, & Zach April 1, 2009 Logan Temple.

Picture of my Mom and Sarah taken a month or so after Sarah was born. Mom got back from her mission to Las Vegas a month and a half before Sarah came.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Okay so I am not the best at Sunday stuff, but I really try hard to make every effort to go to Church. However, I know there are those Sunday's where my mind and body don't want to make that effort. I am having one of those Sunday's. I keep thinking if you would have gone then you might have felt better....but (there is always a big but he he he) I just can't do it today. So I am sitting here at my computer while Sarah takes a nap. I know the peace in the house won't last too much longer. Sarah is getting another tooth and is cranky and that is no fun for all of us. So I think between trying to keep her happy and me happy at the same time, I have failed and didn't go to Church today. I can only hope that next Sunday goes better than this Sunday :)...Wish me luck.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

la la la la la