Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life with 2 Kids

I just wanted to post some other pictures that I found while I was looking at birthday pictures of Sarah's. These were too cute not to share with everyone. As Sarah would say "They make my heart smile!"

 Sarah has taken up the job of reading to her sister very early on. She sat down with the book and started reading to Kahlan. Most of what she said was "Once upon a time..." for every page, but it was still adorable.

 So intent on reading the book for Kahlan.

 She is even in her Princess dress reading to her sister.

 For a little while Kahlan was well a fussy bum, and one of the ways she would calm down was to be held by Daddy like this. I thought this was just an adorable picture and couldn't resist the opportunity to take this one.

 Daddy & Kahlan

 They were both into watching the TV...I don't even recall what was on at the moment, but they like sitting next to each other watching TV.

 Kahlan & Sarah

Dr. Smithing (delivered Kahlan & Sarah) with Kahlan at my 1 month post appointment.

Sarah "Princess Peanut's" Birthday

Sarah gets to celebrate her birthday numerous times...this is because our little one is a Leap Day baby. Yes she only has a birthday every 4 years. So to make up the difference we generally celebrate both February 28th & March 1st. Lucky little gal!!!!

She got her first Barbie this year from Mom & Dad She was so excited about it, and it made Mom & Dad happy as well!
Her Princess cake for the Princess Party!

Sarah, Grammy & Kahlan...Sarah loves her Grammy and is always excited to see her.
All the Princesses making some crowns, wands, & other fun stuff.
This is how Kahlan fell asleep on Daddy...awwww so cute
She got a lot of fun gifts from her friends...Tinkerbell Bear
Strawberry Shortcake Doll

Cinderella and her coach...it has little Jack and Gus in there as well...so cute!
A new headband...and yes she loves to wear it whenever she gets the chance!
Grammy got the Mermaid Barbie for Sarah...yes bath time is so enjoyable now :)
The card sings music and she still to this day will open it and dance...Isabel is so cute with Sarah in this picture. As you can see all the girls put on princess dresses while they were there. It really was fun having that many princesses there.
Time to blow out the candles on the cake.
This was the cake we had as a family. Sarah picked out both of her cakes.
We got a little messy with our cake time....ha ha ha
Yup Kahlan was a little fussy that night...so we got her on the nose with some icing.
Sarah, Kahlan & me

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kahlan Grace - January 11, 2011

I will start this out with a big sorry...this has a lot of pictures, well because it was an exciting day. Yes it was the day Kahlan Grace joined our family. January 11, 2011 @ 7:40 am, weighing 7 lbs 6 oz, 19.5 inches and a ton of hair as you will see :)
This was from her crib...has all her information on it for us to remember always!

I had a scheduled C-Section so this picture was right before we went into have that done. Sarah was just a little tired, but as soon as we came back into the room she was much more awake and happy to see her new sister.

First time holding her little sister...

As you can see she was all about giving kisses to her sister...
 AAAAWWWWW look Dad my baby sister...
A day later, but this is the perfect example of how much Sarah loves her sister...and you can see all the hair that this little one had when she was born.

Kisses from her Mommy...
Daddy's Hands....with his two girls, Sarah & Kahlan
 Neener neener neener... 
Tiny Toes
One of the nurses made this for our "Big Sister" she was so excited to have it because Mommy & Daddy had their own wrist bands, so Sarah needed her own. :)

OH MY GOSH LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR...that is what I was saying.
Seriously...look at that hair...lol
not so happy about getting checked out...but I am as healthy as a bug.
All snuggled up and sleeping...

Uncle Jeremy holding Kahlan
Awwww kisses from Uncle Jeremy...he loves his nieces that is for sure!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Christmas 2010

Why yes it is April and I am finally getting in a post about Christmas...ha ha ha...yes I was a little bit behind, but I am slowly catching up. I believe I am going to have some time on my hands to do these things the next few months. So hopefully just hopefully I won't get behind anymore. GOOD LUCK TAI!

We were at Wal-Mart and they stopped us and asked if we wanted a picture with Santa...I asked how much, well it was free and they turned out great!

Sarah's face in both pictures was priceless...she loves Santa!

Our little Christmas tree ready and waiting for Sarah to wake up and open the gifts below.

Here are some of the gifts that she got...and yes this is a noisy little thing that we try to hide sometimes...ha ha ha...no we don't hide it, but I have thought about it a time or two.

She got a trunk full of Princess Dresses and here they are ladies and gentlemen...#1

Princess dress #2

Princess dress #3 and yes she had to wear them all on Christmas day so she did.

New Tinkerbell pajama's

Her new winter coat that fits perfectly...and she loves as it is PINK!

The one thing that she kept asking Santa for each time she saw him. As well as every time someone would ask what do you want for Christmas she would say...Strawberry Shortcake Doll.

Sarah & Strawberry Shortcake...Santa also brought her a new dress that she is wearing.