Friday, April 30, 2010

Easter Fun

So we have gone to this Easter egg hunt two years in a row. Sarah really likes to be there, there are a lot of kids there. So they rope off certain sections for each age group. Well she was really anxious to get started, but when it came down to it she walked by a lot of eggs before she actually started picking any up. Here are some fun pictures of her hunt :).

Smile before we start...

All the eggs in Sarah's section.

Waiting for the hunt to begin, it was a bit cold so Sarah and Zach snuggled.

On your mark get set go....yup Zach helped her over the rope.

AWWWW look what I rattles and everything.

Nope I'm not stopping now that I have started.

Sarah & me after all the excitement...

Check this out I banked on all the can we go home and eat some right now??

These are the eggs that we did at our house. She got really messy and all that.
So that is all of our fun that we had for Easter. I hope everyone enjoyed theirs as well. We had to leave the next day to take Sarah up to Idaho Falls to stay with my sister Rindee. Then Zach and I left for New Orleans...that will be my next post, but not tonight. I'm to tired to stay up any longer.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Well today has been a bit of a hard day. Since Zach and I will be leaving for New Orleans in the morning, we had to take Sarah up to my sister's house in Idaha Falls.
We were hoping that if we went during naptime that she would fall asleep really easy...WRONG...she didn't fall asleep until half way through the drive. But here she is cute as a bug...aaawww

We had to put the jacket next to her head because her head kept on falling and I just hate watching kids heads fall when they are sleeping in their car seats...:(

AAAAWWWWWW those very beautiful lips...:)

More Treehouse Museum

Last week we went to the Treehouse Museum with Mica and Abbie and as usual Sarah couldn't get enough of it...
Our little Native American...

Our little Fire Fighter...yup runs in the family that is for sure.

and last but not least Abbie, Mica & Sarah...having way to much fun, we were barely able to get the two girls to hold still long enough to get this picture...

Fun with Grammy & Grandpa

So Zach's parents came over for dinner and fun...well while Sarah and I waited for Dad to finish getting ready, we went outside. She really likes wearing her sun glasses, and I couldn't resist taking pictures of her...

A hug for Grammy and it was a big hug...

So miss Sarah couldn't get enough of Grandpa Dan, she would not leave his side much. She kept on going to sit by him and snuggling up to him. So finally I had to get a few pictures of them together.

So they ended on a good note with a big KISS...AAAAWWWW

Day at the Park

Well I never would have thought my little one would much rather be outside than inside...well okay I hoped she would like to get out of the house. We went for a little trip to the park on a beautiful day and she had so much fun. So the pictures are taken with my phone so they may be a bit blurry, but hey they are still way cute...
Just loved being in the swing and having Daddy push her...

more swinging :)

Okay the slide was the thing that she didn't want to give up. She went down every slide that was there and more than once on this one. She had so much fun, I think that she just likes to do exciting things...