Monday, May 30, 2011

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was simple and I was able to spend time with my family. I got a couple of pictures with my girls and that is all I wanted. I love my girls and I am so happy they are mine. I have called my own mother many of times saying how much I admire her for taking 5 or more of us at a time. There are some days that I think my 2 are to much for me. So to my Mom..YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank you for your example and for everything that you have done for me all of my life. For the most important part...for having me and putting up with all the crap that I put you through!

Sarah pretending to be sad...:(

Sarah, me & Kahlan
Yes my eyes are closed, but I don't care I was happy!

I absolutely loved Sarah snuggled up to me like that!

This was another day, but it is another fun shot of us girls...crazy hair and all!

I hope I can be a great Mom to my girls and I hope they will always know how much they are loved! Isn't it great to be a Mom? I SAY YES!


At the Lyle home we had a nice surprise this year! Well the home we are in currently has rock beds along the sides of the house. I don't think any of us expected to have flowers in our rock beds. Well when they started to pop out of the rock beds we thought oh my heck we have we have some absolutely gorgeous Tulips! Sarah loves them, and has picked many of them to give to others and to have in the house. She is so proud of these flowers.

Our Tulips, we have a variety of colors also.

We have multi colored Tulips

Sarah with the Tulips...

One of the many shots that Zach got of the Tulips

I really like this picture as it shows how odd it was to have Tulips in the middle of all these rocks.

Road Trip

We went on a little road trip last month, it was very last minute and it was just Sarah, Kahlan and myself in the Jeep. I was hoping that the truck would make it all the way to Idaho Falls so we could spend the night at Rindee's house and go to church with them the next day. Well it did and made it back home surprisingly. But the pictures I got were from Sarah sleeping in the back while we were on the way home, and she had everything on her I think, from sunglasses that were to big, gloves, blanket, & jacket. I don't believe that it was that cold, but she was just having fun.

Sarah & Kahlan ready for church


As you can see she was nice and snuggled in there...

She changed positions, she put her leg up and well the sunglasses, well they are just having fun there!

We had a great time with Rindee & Family and thank goodness they let us come up last minute. It was great to see them all!

Weather Girl

Often when a storm is coming through you will see Zach outside looking at the clouds, or taking pictures of them. Our Sarah has grown to love the storms as well with her Daddy. She now has our old camera and will go out with Daddy and take pictures right along with him. I hope that she is as good as he is one day and loves it as much as he does (that is photography & storms).

The Storm

Taking her pictures of the clouds...

She has to get different angles and everything!

Once it started to rain we went inside to watch it...this is from her window in the toy room.

Gramma's Home from her mission

Well my Mom got home from her mission in late March and so these pictures are much overdue. But Sarah was so excited to see Gramma. She sure does love her Gramma! Ever since Gramma has been home Sarah, Kahlan & I have had the opportunity to spend some time with her every Wednesday for lunch. But these pictures are from way before our time the past few weeks. Welcome home Mom!!

Gramma & Kahlan first meet :)

Gramma is all about kisses...lots and lots of kisses. Sarah in her new dress that Gramma got for her.

Awww Gramma, Kahlan & Sarah

Another one of Gramma & Kahlan

Gramma & Princess Sarah

We went to FatCats in Ogden with Abbie...
Sarah, Abbie & Gramma

Sarah & Gramma playing mini golf

Sarah's first game of mini golf


We had a very eventful Easter this year, I think all together we had 2 mini Easter egg hunts and 1 very large one. So Sarah had a lot of candy to go through, and I believe it is now all gone! Yipee for sugar highs! So I have a lot of pictures of Easter so here we go....I know you love pictures!! Our first adventure was our play date with Isabel. I brought over some eggs with some candy in them and between Krystal and I we got them all hidden so they could find them. They had a great time!

Sarah & Isabel in our first mini Easter Egg hunt
Sarah in Isabel's room searching for eggs
Sarah & Daddy waiting for the fun to start!

The "Hunting Grounds" for the 3-5 yr olds

Another one of Daddy & Sarah

Kahlan fast asleep on her first hunt...tired little girl

I only know one name besides Sarah in this picture and that is Ava standing to the left of her.

The "Blue Dot" mmm....yup prize time!

picking out her extra goodies

She picked out some fun sidewalk chalk and yes we have used it already!

She wouldn't leave Daddy's side...

Coloring eggs

Finished product

More eggs....

Last but not least an egg hunt in the play you can see Sarah is all smiles about this one.

opening her eggs...
As you can see we had a lot of fun, she didn't get the elaborate big gifts, but if you look below she did get a new dress for Easter and we all got to spend some time together.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sarah's Haircut

Well we decided that we needed to have someone professional cut Sarah's hair. As I have been cutting her bangs for awhile now. So Nikki who cuts Zach's hair at Great Clips was our choice, she is so nice and loves to see the girls each time we go in to get Zach's hair cut. Before going to get her hair cut we asked Sarah if she wanted to get it cut and her response to me was, "Mom I don't want to look like a boy..." She was very serious and was almost in tears. I had to explain to her that just because she is getting her hair cut doesn't mean that they are going to make her look like a boy by cutting it all off.
Nikki cutting Sarah's hair...

All smiles

She was watching another person getting their hair done I guess???
In the end we got 2 inches cut off the back and layered the front because we are growing out her bangs and needed it to blend into her hair. She didn't end up looking like a boy at all! She is still all GIRL!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sarah & Kahlan Pictures

Well we had the girls pictures done together at JCPenney and they were wonderful there! I do have to say that Zach picked out the girls yellow dresses and also found Kahlan's headband and hat that Sarah is wearing. I just said yes those are beautiful and yes we should get them...

Sarah & Kahlan 2011 they look absolutely beautiful!

Sarah looking so cute in her new dress from Gramma Vee

This is a favorite of mine with Sarah she looks so sweet!

Zach says that Sarah looks like a gal from the 20's with the hat on and all.

This was only the 2nd shot of the two of them together, it turned out absolutely beautiful. Sarah will tell you every time that she sees the picture..."my baby is laying on my back..." and then she will giggle.

Awww so cute in their spring dresses.