Monday, April 27, 2009

Give AWAY...Yes I want this...

So my fellow blogger is having a give away and since I am already one of her followers I am doing the other things as well...This stuff looks way cool so go check out her blog

So here it is, my first ever GRAND PRIZE GIVE AWAY!!!
So because I have such a small blog an so few followers do not have a huge amount of resources but I am using the ones I do have.
So here it is!!

The Rules
1. You must list yourself as a follower in order to win this give away! I am trusting that most of the people who read this have already done so but all the same that is rule number one!
(And do not list yourself as a follower and then take yourself off after the contest, that would just be rude!)

2. You must post my give away either on your facebook page or your own blog.
(I could really use the advertising!)

3. You must leave a comment on this blog, telling me how badly you want to win all the fabulous prizes. (no begging!)