Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kahlan's first try at cereal

Well Kahlan is growing up so fast, she is 5 months old now, but last month we started feeding her cereal. I know it is always a big milestone when you get to start feeding them stuff other than breast milk...but anyhow Kahlan loves it! I don't recall Sarah being this excited about cereal. But I will get finished feeding her the cereal and she gets upset because she wants more. She is too funny! But after that first time feeding her the cereal, Sarah went and got her baby and had to do the same thing. It was precious!! We have graduated from the bouncy chair to the high chair the past couple of weeks. So just maybe she will get to eat more than just cereal soon.
Kahlan & Sarah 1st time with cereal

Sarah feeding her baby cereal like I was feeding Kahlan

Here you go baby... :) awww so cute!