Sunday, October 23, 2011


So we have been without internet since the end of you can see by the last post I did it was around that timeframe. 

Well we are still working on getting that back. However, I do have a program on my phone now that I can use to do some posting.

I hope I can utilize it correctly, if anyone has any suggestions on the blogger app for android let me know!!

But to get up to speed...Sarah is doing great she loves her little sister to pieces!  In the morning she would much rather have Kahlan wake her up then mommy ....

Kahlan is crawling and getting into everything! Her little teeth are having a hard time breaking through, but they are about there. She says Momma when she is upset and is starting to like daddy more. Oh and she can fall asleep anywhere...highchair is a favorite, the other day it was the grocery cart.

Zach is working hard and going to school.  Keeping busy for now,which keeps him going.

As for me I'm still working and being Mommy which is hard but worthwhile!  I hope to get more posts in soon .... here are some pictures to enjoy.