Monday, May 30, 2011

Road Trip

We went on a little road trip last month, it was very last minute and it was just Sarah, Kahlan and myself in the Jeep. I was hoping that the truck would make it all the way to Idaho Falls so we could spend the night at Rindee's house and go to church with them the next day. Well it did and made it back home surprisingly. But the pictures I got were from Sarah sleeping in the back while we were on the way home, and she had everything on her I think, from sunglasses that were to big, gloves, blanket, & jacket. I don't believe that it was that cold, but she was just having fun.

Sarah & Kahlan ready for church


As you can see she was nice and snuggled in there...

She changed positions, she put her leg up and well the sunglasses, well they are just having fun there!

We had a great time with Rindee & Family and thank goodness they let us come up last minute. It was great to see them all!