Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Doctor is IN

So Zach always talks about the time he had his picture taken with his baby brother and he was playing doctor. Well we got a picture of Sarah doing the same thing with Kahlan. Whenever she brings the doctor play stuff out she has to check every one's hearts and give us all shots. Because that is what happens when she goes to the doctor...well the shots aren't all the time but she has a really good memory.
Zach 2 1/2 & Jeremy 6 months

Sarah checking Kahlan's heart to make sure she is okay :)

yup she has a heart

Kahlan just smiles at cute!
Today she was doing the same thing and it reminded me that I wanted to do this post a long time ago. But if any of you know the show "Dr Who" you will understand this next part. But Sarah will often say that she & Daddy have 2 hearts like Dr Who does. It amazes me what Sarah will come up with and I get excited to hear what she will come up with next! But one this for sure Miss Sarah loves her sister Kahlan!