Monday, March 14, 2011

Grandma Crabtree Funeral Sept. 2010

The family was all able to come to Utah for my Grandma Crabtree's funeral, well minus John & Norman. All the sisters were there in one place, this doesn't happen often as we are all spread across the U.S. currently. It was great spending time with them all. Here are some pictures from the day of the funeral. We all went to visit my Dad's grave as well.

Berdean Hyde Crabtree

Mom is the one on the right, she is sitting with her sisters here.

Cassie & Nicole

I like this picture of David, Carlee, Cambree, & Codee

Sarah kept on getting into the bucket where the ice was at...she loves to chew on ice, not sure where she gets this from as I can't stand it! But Rindee caught her in the act and got a picture.

Rindee & Jennie

Kelley & her daughter with Jennie & Mike

Me, Mom, Zach & Sarah at Dad's grave

The Gibson Girls
Tai, Rindee, Nicole, Vee, Mica, & Jennie

Zach, Mike, Mom, & David

Mica & Abbie

Preggo Gals
Jennie, Mom, & Me

Grand kids
Cassie, Codee, Abbie, Cambree, Carlee, & Sarah

Goofy Kids & Gramma

Gramma & her Grand kids

As you can see we did have some fun!


Corn said...

It's nice to have the whole family together. Very nice. :)

And look, beautiful babies came out of those tummies.. :))