Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Birthday Fun

Okay so here are some pictures from my awesome Birthday. Zach treated me to a day of fun, which included him and Sarah of course. First we went to the Gateway and had a wonderful lunch, yummy, yummy. I prefer not to have the picture of me with the big fish hat on...thank goodness Zach is the only one that has access to that one. But our next stop after lunch was Build-A-Bear, I have never, ever been there and I had told him that numerous times. So guess what he ended up getting both me and Sarah one. Of course I got a bunny that was just as cute as a bear. My bunny is named Honey and Sarah's bear is named Ariel.

Of course you also have Ranger the turtle from The Living Planet aquarium, and he belongs to Zach & Sarah.

Our next stop was the Aquarium of course and I had so much fun there as well. Many of the things there I hadn't ever seen before so it was a real treat.
. Yes my first time ever to pet a sting ray, even though the water was up past my elbow it was really neat to do.

Okay so this was the first time I ever saw an Octopus and I about had a heart attach because I walked around the corner and there it was...oh my heck it was huge. I know that you can't see it all to well in the photo, but I wanted to share anyhow.

Sarah really enjoyed all the different fish as well, so it was fun to watch her reaction to some of the fish we saw.
This thing was almost bigger than Sarah...ooooohhhh my heck. But either way we had a blast and enjoyed every minute of the day!!!