Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Treehouse Museum

This was our very first trip to the Treehouse Museum and we had a blast! Since I had Friday off for the 4th of July holiday Zach had the brilliant idea that we should go there. I am so glad that he did, because Sarah had so much fun. She ran from one place to the other. I will definitely go again!! She really loved the music room and banging on the drums, my pictures for that area didn't turn out as good, but here are some of the pictures that I did get of her sitting still for just long enough for me to take the picture.
The big old chair, that thing was huge!! We ran into my niece there as well and I know that Zach got a picture of Sarah and Abbie reading a book together in that chair.
Of course here she is with a book in hand, she can't get enough of books!!
Our little princess, she was playing with all the dragons and knights here.
So I had to get a picture of this, because my Dad was an Ogden City Firefighter and so this was so much fun to see this. It made me miss my Dad a whole bunch, whenever we would go visit him at the firehouse he would always let us get up on the fire trucks and pretend to be a firefighter as well...Good times.
The last two here are on the way home and it was just fun...Yeah she has two pacifiers in her mouth and she was just happy as can be about it. Of course she has become a fan of necklaces...


Corn said...

I would love to take Grandson there!! Where is it?? In SLC? Ogden? Roy? the Lagoon??

I'm glad she loved it..