Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our little Mechanic

Well this past weekend we had a bit of a hoopla with our truck breaking down. First it was the power steering pump on Thursday, the water pump on Friday, and finally the radiator on Sunday. But thanks to a great cousin who is a great mechanic we got it all taken care of and I am so grateful to him!!

While Matt was fixing the truck at our house on Sunday (yes I know it was the Sabbath) Sarah really wanted to help with the repairs. So she would squat down and babble to Matt while he was working as well as she would hand him tools every now and again. Well towards the end of the day, Matt was almost finished I let her outside one last time, as we had been out there off and on for most of the day, and she was just in her diaper. Well she couldn't stay away from the tools. Now this made me so happy as I love tools, and to play with tools. So I got a few pictures of her with the tools.

Yes this Momma couldn't have been prouder of her little girl!! GO SARAH!!