Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy 24th

Well here I sit at work once again on the 24th of July. Yes since it is not a federal holiday I do have to work, but of course I didn't schedule the day off either so that is partly my fault. But anyhow, it is going to be a pretty slow day here because everyone else scheduled the day off.

So I have been doing a bunch of stuff on the computer all morning here in the Union Office. That is mostly because it is really quiet and so no one has come into the office to talk about their issues. So wish me luck that I won't go insane with boredom today while everyone else is out having a fun day. :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our little Mechanic

Well this past weekend we had a bit of a hoopla with our truck breaking down. First it was the power steering pump on Thursday, the water pump on Friday, and finally the radiator on Sunday. But thanks to a great cousin who is a great mechanic we got it all taken care of and I am so grateful to him!!

While Matt was fixing the truck at our house on Sunday (yes I know it was the Sabbath) Sarah really wanted to help with the repairs. So she would squat down and babble to Matt while he was working as well as she would hand him tools every now and again. Well towards the end of the day, Matt was almost finished I let her outside one last time, as we had been out there off and on for most of the day, and she was just in her diaper. Well she couldn't stay away from the tools. Now this made me so happy as I love tools, and to play with tools. So I got a few pictures of her with the tools.

Yes this Momma couldn't have been prouder of her little girl!! GO SARAH!!

Birthday Fun

Okay so here are some pictures from my awesome Birthday. Zach treated me to a day of fun, which included him and Sarah of course. First we went to the Gateway and had a wonderful lunch, yummy, yummy. I prefer not to have the picture of me with the big fish hat on...thank goodness Zach is the only one that has access to that one. But our next stop after lunch was Build-A-Bear, I have never, ever been there and I had told him that numerous times. So guess what he ended up getting both me and Sarah one. Of course I got a bunny that was just as cute as a bear. My bunny is named Honey and Sarah's bear is named Ariel.

Of course you also have Ranger the turtle from The Living Planet aquarium, and he belongs to Zach & Sarah.

Our next stop was the Aquarium of course and I had so much fun there as well. Many of the things there I hadn't ever seen before so it was a real treat.
. Yes my first time ever to pet a sting ray, even though the water was up past my elbow it was really neat to do.

Okay so this was the first time I ever saw an Octopus and I about had a heart attach because I walked around the corner and there it was...oh my heck it was huge. I know that you can't see it all to well in the photo, but I wanted to share anyhow.

Sarah really enjoyed all the different fish as well, so it was fun to watch her reaction to some of the fish we saw.
This thing was almost bigger than Sarah...ooooohhhh my heck. But either way we had a blast and enjoyed every minute of the day!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009


So I have been meaning to do a new post with all the fun pictures that we got from my birthday last week. But my life this past week and weekend has been a bit hectic to say the least. We had a lot of car issues that is for sure...but I will make sure to get all the cute stuff from my surprise birthday activities!!! Zach did a great job with planning everything I loved every minute of the day.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meet our NEW FISH

I love my hubby!! The other night he all the sudden said we should go and get Sarah some fish. I was so excited...that I jumped up and was ready to go in minutes. Well we ended up getting Sarah 2 fish, which we haven't named yet. As well as both Zach and I got beta's. Mine is "Bug" and Zach's is "Nub", we are odd I know, but they were the first names that came to our heads and they stuck. I can't go with out attaching a picture of our new fish.

My beta is on the right... :)

We LOVE Frosty's

Well so I have learned that you can't keep little kids clean no matter how much you want to keep them spotless they do not stay that way. So I have started to just let little miss Sarah have at mind you this is a huge step for me as it is a bit of an OCD of having things clean. Anywho...this is what Sarah looked like after her frosty she had and it was fun to see her enjoying all of it...

As you can tell she definitely loved the frosty...which made me happy all the same :)

More FUN!!!

Oh the joys of being young and triping over your feet at all times. Well this time Daddy about beat up the side table, but he contained himself and just chucked it outside instead. It was right before I got home from working overtime. So he felt so bad about it, they had a good time though :) well all but the last few minutes...

But all in all she is doing just fine as you can see she was still willing to sit with me and take a picture....:)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

More 4th of July

My great hubby Zach sent these 2 pics to me this morning, they are when we were at the parade on July 4th. As you can see she was a bit confused about the whole thing, but all in all she had a great time.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July fun

So Zach is the one that got all the pictures on his phone of the parade fun that we had in the morning, but every time we got back into the car Sarah would fall asleep. The sun just got to her...but she was a little shy at the parade, but her and I went and tried to get candy among the heard of kids that were there. She wanted to watch the kids more than anything.
So after the couple of naps that she had, we went and got some fireworks to set off at home. We weren't sure she would make it at the fireworks for very long(as her bedtime is 8pm). So we had our own little display at home. Zach and I were goofing off in the front and just being dumb, we looked back and she had her hand on her head with the look of oh my heck my parents are so weird. It was even funnier when she hid her eyes like I don't want to be seen with these people.
You gotta love kids and the goofy things that they do to make you smile!! =)

Treehouse Museum

This was our very first trip to the Treehouse Museum and we had a blast! Since I had Friday off for the 4th of July holiday Zach had the brilliant idea that we should go there. I am so glad that he did, because Sarah had so much fun. She ran from one place to the other. I will definitely go again!! She really loved the music room and banging on the drums, my pictures for that area didn't turn out as good, but here are some of the pictures that I did get of her sitting still for just long enough for me to take the picture.
The big old chair, that thing was huge!! We ran into my niece there as well and I know that Zach got a picture of Sarah and Abbie reading a book together in that chair.
Of course here she is with a book in hand, she can't get enough of books!!
Our little princess, she was playing with all the dragons and knights here.
So I had to get a picture of this, because my Dad was an Ogden City Firefighter and so this was so much fun to see this. It made me miss my Dad a whole bunch, whenever we would go visit him at the firehouse he would always let us get up on the fire trucks and pretend to be a firefighter as well...Good times.
The last two here are on the way home and it was just fun...Yeah she has two pacifiers in her mouth and she was just happy as can be about it. Of course she has become a fan of necklaces...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Crappy nights

Okay so it is another Monday and I am so not having a good day thus far. I had a really crappy night, every time it seemed like, I had fallen asleep I would get awakened by something different. I most often than not sleep through the whole night and through just about anything! Well for some reason last night it wasn't that way, so mow I am a grumpy butt!!! So hopefully no one is around me when I end up Anyhow Monday's after a holiday weekend are most always dead so hopefully I won't have the urge to yell at anyone today hehehe.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I'm here at work and just a bit bored. It always happens when there is a holiday weekend we are just slow and I am caught up on everything that needs to be done. So I get to sit here and play on my phone or if I'm lucky I get to read my book that I started oh about 8 months ago. I wish I had more time to read a book, but I don't get that anymore =(.

The 4Th of July is one of my favorite holidays and of course it is my anniversary. So we always get fireworks on our anniversary which is a plus. But I am this year I'm excited because we don't have to go to work the day after we have a day to relax and that is a plus WAHOO!!

Well Happy 4Th of July everyone =)